Who Loves Our New Cold Brew? Florence Fabricant, That's Who!

Florence Fabricant, a nationally renown food writer and columnist who contributes regularly and frequently to the New York Times dining section, loves Gorilla Cold Brew. This is what she had to say about it:

"For Sweltering Days in the Concrete Jungle"

"Cold-brew coffee has become a cult favorite, but making it yourself takes half a day or more of steeping ground coffee in room-temperature water to obtain a concentrated brew that is smoother and less acidic than hot-brewed coffee. Gorilla Coffee, the popular coffee bar and roaster in Park Slope, Brooklyn, has introduced sealed aseptic Tetra Paks of full-bodied coffee from Rwandan and Brazilian beans that is ready to drink without diluting. (It is not a concentrate like regular cold-brew.) Each 11-ounce box yields two servings. The boxes are shelf stable, can be resealed with a screw top, and are especially handy to keep in the refrigerator for iced coffee. For hot coffee, the packages cannot be microwaved; it is best to pour the drink into a mug first, then heat. You can also throw a few packs into the freezer and use them first as chillers for a picnic basket, and then to drink.

Gorilla Cold Brew is sold at Gorilla Coffee, 97 Fifth Avenue (Park Place), Park Slope, Brooklyn; at Union Markets in Brooklyn (and soon in Manhattan); and at Whole Foods, $4 to $4.25. From gorillacoffee.com, a case of 12 is $44 plus shipping."

The full article is here:


Purchase online:Single,Case (12pk)


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