Wall Street Journal Today: "Groceries Become a Guy Thing"

So pleased to be mentioned as an example of this growing movement to make products that appeal to men.

"Coffee shops have found a macho answer to sugary, flavored lattes: Cold-brewed coffee, steeped anywhere from 10 to 24 hours and typically served black and cold.

"Some [coffeehouses] put it in kegs. Some are even adding nitrogen so it pours like a Guinness, which is totally appealing to guys," says Darleen Scherer, co-owner of Gorilla Coffee Inc., which roasts its own coffee and sells it out of its Brooklyn, N.Y.-based coffee shop, as well as supermarkets in the Northeast.

Gorilla is relaunching its cold-brew coffee this spring. Her shelf-stable cold-brews, in red-and-black cartons with no-spill screw tops, launched in 2012 in 40 Northeastern stores, but supply couldn't keep up with demand, she says, so production stopped. She expects the product will return by March."

Read the full article here, written by Anne Marie Chaker: 



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