Is That Cheese Sitting Next to My Chemex?

Today we did a little experiment where we paired some of our favorite cheeses with one of our favorite coffees, Kintamani, Bali.

Here is what we found…


Cheese notes: hints of cashew and earth with a smooth, spreadable texture.

Paired with the Kintamani, Bali:

The strong strawberry aroma and big jam flavors create a well-rounded dessert pairing. It is a sophisticated cashew butter & jam sandwich. This Kintamani is my Beaujolais.



Cheese notes: nice orange zest punch up front & vanilla on the finish. The texture is dense and dry with protein crystals evenly throughout. The cheese offers a wonderful butterscotch note that is enhanced by the coffee.

Paired with the Kintamani, Bali:

Chocolate is in the forefront when this coffee and cheese meet. The butterscotch notes of this Gouda showcase more as toasted carmel. The combination of the orange & carmel (cheese) matched with strawberry & chocolate (coffee) just make this a lovely pairing. The two match so well that it does not challenge the palate. It is delicious but will not invoke a discussion beyond, “pass me some more, please”.



Cheese notes: this cheese has a split personality. The core is sweet with hints of pineapple. The denser cheese near the rind has notes of truffle and earth.

Paired with the Kintamani, Bali:

This is like 2 cheeses in 1. The center of the Adelleger offers delicate refreshing notes of pineapple that pairs well with the strawberry notes of the Kintamani. The coffee lightens when paired with the core of the cheese and offers an almost refreshing experience.

The heavier notes of truffle and earth offered by the rind areas of the cheese brings out a perception of a heavy body to the coffee. The strawberry & jam blend well to create almost a sweet, creamy mushroom experience. Much heavier than the core of the cheese. This is a pairing for those who want to debate! One pairing with two distinct impressions. Very cool.



Cheese notes: savory and “blue” this cheese is super creamy and dripping off the tip of my knife.

Paired with the Kintamani, Bali:

This cheese changes the most when paired with Kintamani. The coffee softens the sharpness of the cheese and creates a wonderful dessert. Amazing! The palate is brought from sharp, tart, and sour to sweet and creamy. This is an overall winner. The body of the coffee holds up to this stinky cheese. Perception: the cheese gets sweeter paired with the Bali.

Hope you find this helpful. Cheese and coffee and really fun to pair!

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Gorilla Warfare is Back!

It’s back for another annual attack — the Sixpoint coffee porter, made with our coffee. Gorilla Warfare can be found on draft in bars and restaurants all over right now.

This beer was introduced in 2007, and it’s made a few rounds in the falls and winters since. Like its namesake beast, it has a rather fierce, robust coffee flavor and deep color that’s topped with a creamy foam, not unlike that of a cappuccino. It’s become a seasonal favorite among fans as well as the Sixpoint staff, since it smells like a coffee house for a day when it’s brewed.

So it was time to resurrect the beast. This new batch of Gorilla Warfare brewed in Red Hook is made with Fairview Estate, Kenya

The resulting beer has a mellow, wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee aroma and bold flavor that’s surprisingly less sweet for a porter. ABV of 7%. Get a pint before this batch is all spent for the season!

[caption id="attachment_239" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Sixpoint Brewers preparing to add the coffee"][/caption]

Brewer's notes on the Gorilla Warfare:

Gorilla Warfare

Baltic Porter with Gorilla Coffee

7.2% ABV, 28 IBU

Color- Nearly black with an almond colored head.

Aroma- Intense coffee with malty sweetness underneath.  Roasted malts blend with roasted coffee perfectly

Flavor- Coffee permeates through layers of dark, dark chocolate and black bread, giving way to a rich toffee sweetness with more coffee to finish.


Canadian pale malt

German Munich and crystal malts

English crystal and roasted malts

Belgian special b malt

American Horizon, Northern Brewer, and Warrior hops

Gorilla Coffee roasted Fairview Estate from Kenya


Where can you find it? Try Beer Menus to see who's got it flowing.

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