COLD BREW SEASON (this is all year for some of us)

Here at Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn we have so many regularly returning patrons who just need their coffee cold brewed. It’s smooth and refreshing and hits the body just right. Die hard fans don’t care if it’s zero degrees out they need a cold rush of coffee to the veins. These super fans just refuse to recognize the bitter chill of a New York winter and just take that frosty drink into their gloved hand. For virtually everyone else in Brooklyn, cold brew season is in full swing.

‘Iced Coffee, you say?! I love iced coffee!’ No, no. Cold. Brew.

We aren’t a bodega, so we don’t ice down hot coffee and sell it. We are passionate coffee lovers at Gorilla, so no customer will be allowed to drink their cold brew until it has been cold­brewed for 24 hours and served over ice ­­ these are the rules, no exceptions. The next time you enjoy a Gorilla Cold Brew, (or 2 or 3 or...) remember that it took a whole day to make it. That’s a special kind of brew.

We always want to see you in the shop, but you can make this drink at home and have it at the ready in your fridge. Our favorite way for home brewing is using a Toddy. This equipment is inexpensive, easy, and produces a super clean, tasty drink.

Use 1 full 12 ounce bag of your coffee origin of choice (this can be fun to experiment). Ground course.

Be sure that all coffee is saturated. Leave coffee to brew overnight. Drain coffee concentrate after a lovely 24 hours wait.

Reconstitute to taste. You can leave it full strength, use water, milk, or nut milk. Delicious.


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