Gorilla Cold Brew Hits the Shelves Running!!!

We have just launched the first * shelf-stable * ready-to-drink * pure black * cold brewed coffee! The 11 oz. resealable screwtop tetrapak box is shelf-stable & it requires no refrigeration! Drink it straight from the box, pour it over ice or heat it up in a mug. Gorilla cold brew is a blend of rwanda kigeyo and brazil pedra roxa coffees. The cold brew process gives Gorilla Cold Brew it's smooth and delicious, pure coffee goodness taste straight out of the box. Or, if you like, you can customize it: milk & sugar, just milk, a little bit of soy milk, agave etc. Take it with you for all your summer fun! Welcome to the future. AVAILABLE NOW AT GORILLA COFFEE – 97 Fifth Avenue Park Slope and at all Metro Area Whole Foods Markets, all Union Markets and other select stores around the city. Purchase online:Single,Case (12pk) Tetrapack Display

Yes, cartons are recyclable! Made mainly from paper, a renewable resource from responsibly managed forests, cartons are in demand to be recycled into new


For those outside of NYC, you can find out where to recycle the Tetra Pak here: http://www.recyclecartons.com.




was just wondering if your shelf-stable cold brew coffee contains any preservatives? Thanks

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