Gorilla Coffee & Sheep Station Support the Rwandan Ubushobozi Project

Bid on a Gorilla Coffee Wood Box full of COOPAC, Rwanda and help a good cause.

The 2nd Annual Ubushobozi Project Benefit Cocktail Party

Thursday, June 9th from 7pm – 10pm

Event Host: Sheep Station, 149 4th Ave Park Slope, Brooklyn

What is the Ubushobozi Project? Ubushobozi Project is a non-profit organization started by Jeanne Siporin, Alan Siporin and Laura Boyea in September 2008 with the goal of empowering orphaned teenage girls from the village of Gashingiro, Rwanda. Through education and skills training Ubushobozi seeks to end the cycle of poverty they have experienced throughout their young lives. As a population grossly neglected and at high risk for the continued devastating effects of poverty, the girls of Ubushobozi Project have the opportunity to flourish in our structured, nurturing and supportive environment.

Find out more about Ubushobozi here: http://www.ubushobozi.org



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